Yucai Chinese School offers new classes to help beginners, particularly non-Chinese background children to build a solid foundation for learning Chinese as a foreign language.

Yucai Chinese School currently offers:

E-Mail your tuition to yucaimn.fee@gmail.com, click HERE for instruction of Google Pay

Job opportunity:

SAT/ACT Program: 

Yucai Chinese School works with the Princeton Review to deliver quality SAT & ACT preparation courses to local students. Space is limited, register early!
Course Highlights 
  • Designed to prepare students to take the SAT & ACT tests
  • Customized to address specific students’ need
  • Provided by the Princeton Review
  • Professionally trained and licensed instructors   
  • Offers highly competitive low tuition fee
  • Include 4 full length tests, individualized score reports, and online access
  • Materials are included (preparation manual, workbook, practice test, etc.)  
Time: 2019 summer (June – September)
  • Plymouth(Click HEREfor more detail)
  • Edina(Click HEREfor more detail)
  • St. Paul(Click HEREfor more detail)
Tuition: Competitively low tuition, details is at the end of the online registration.
Registration(Please click HERE to register):     
  • $50 non-refundable registration fee can be waived and used toward tuition if registered before March 30 and the full tuition is paid by May 1st, 2019.
  • A full tuition refund can be made if a written cancellation notice is received by May 15th 2019.  After May 15th 2019, only half of the tuition can be refunded if a written cancellation is notified 14 days before the first class. After that, no refund will be guaranteed unless the class is cancelled by the Princeton Review and Yucai. 
  • Class may be divided into groups with higher enrollments; or cancelled with lower enrollments.
  • Please send the registration fee and tuition (payable to Yucai Chinese School) to:  Yucai Chinese School   P O Box 46155,Plymouth,MN 55446.
  • For Google payment: please E-Mail your tuition to yucaimn.fee@gmail.com 

 Any other questions? Please feel free to email us at yucaimn@gmail.com or call us at 612-574-9189 or 952-288-7282

Summer Camp Program: 

Expand the depth of knowledge in Chinese Culture; Learn and practice Chinese visual arts
Date and Time:
  • Session 1: June 10 - June 14
  • Session 2: June 17 - June 21
  • Session 3: June 24 - June 28
  • Session 4: July 1 - July 5(excluding July 4th)
  • Session 5: Aug 05 - Aug 09
  • Session 6: Aug 12 - Aug 16
  • Session 7: Aug 19 - Aug 23
  • Session 8: Aug 26 - Aug 30
Address: Wayzata Central Middle School, 305 Vicksburg Ln. N. Plymouth, MN 5544

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Schedule: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
  • 8:30am - 9:00am: Morning Greetings
  • 9:00am - 12:00pm:  
    Language and Literature: Poems, Stories, Chinese Calligraphy
    Culture: Folk Arts, Crafting, Geography, History
    12:00pm - 1:20pm: Lunch and Recess
  • 1:20pm - 4:30pm Painting, Drawing, Martial Arts, Board Games
  • 4:30pm - 5:00pm : Pick up
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 Any other questions? Please feel free to email us at  yucaimn@yahoo.com or call us at 612-547-9189(Yingzhi Wang, Lisa)

Afterschool Program

Yucai Afterschool Program is intended to provide students an opportunity to use Chinese every day (4 days/week). Students can also participate in enrichment classes (e.g., drawing, chess, martial arts, theater, and Latin dance). Yucai Afterschool provides Friday care as well.As a result, students can immerse themselves in Chinese every day as well as develop their interests in extracurricular activities

In the 2018-19 school year, Yucai Afterschool offers five levels of Chinese class:
Level 1 Meizhou Chinese pre-K & book 1
Level 2 Meizhou Chinese book 2
Level 3 Meizhou Chinese book 3
Level 4 Meizhou Chinese book 3 & 4
Level 6 Meizhou Chinese book 6

Please click HERE for more detail
Date and Time

Yucai Afterschool follows Wayzata School District calendar
Chinese class:
   2:30-4:05pm,  Monday - Thursday
Enrichment class:
   4:15-5:20pm,  Monday - Thursday
Friday care:
   2:30-5:20pm,  Friday only
Location and School Bus Service

We are currently renting classrooms from Plymouth Covenant Church, located at 4300 Vicksburg Lane N,Plymouth, MN 55446. The regular school buses of the following three schools will pick up students right after school and drop them off at our school location:

  • Kimberly Lane elementary
  • Plymouth Creek elementary
  • Meadow Ridge elementary

To hold your spot, we need a $300 non-refundable deposit per student (check only).  Any other questions? Please feel free to email us at yucai.afterschool@gmail.com

2018-2019 School Year Weekend(Saturday) Program
Location: Wayzata Central Middle School, 305 Vicksburg Lane, Plymouth, MN 55447
Chinese Class (1:00PM - 2:50PM) Sample Material Optional Class(3:00PM-3:50PM) Sample Material
Preschool Grade1 Math Singapore Math
Grade1 (H*) G1-H-TB,WORD-CARD Grade2 Math
Grade2 (H) G2-H-TB Grade3 Math
Grade3 (H) Grade4 Math
Grade4 (H) Grade5 Math
Grade5 (H) Middle School Math
Grade1 (S*) G1-S-TB, G1-S-EB
Grade2 (S) G2-S-TB, G2-S-EB
Grade3 (S) G3-S-TB, G3-S-EB
Grade4 (S) G4-S-TB, G4-S-EB Kongfu
Grade5 (S) G5-S-TB, G5-S-EB Chinese Culture
Grade6 (S) G6-S-TB, G6-S-EB
Grade7 (S)
Grade8 (S) G8-S-TB, G8-S-EB AP Chinese
Grade9 (S) G9-S-TB, G9-S-EB
English Writing 2 Syllabus English Writing 1 Syllabus
Adult Dance(健身舞)
Adult Taijiquan
S* - Standard Chinese; H* - Happy Chinese(Textbook: Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids)
CCX Media: Yucai celebrates 10 year anniversary
十年磨一剑: 育才荣获“海外华文教育示范学校”称号