Yucai Chinese School offers new classes to help beginners, particularly non-Chinese background children to build a solid foundation for learning Chinese as a foreign language.
2017-2018 School Year Classes ( Saturday)
Chinese Class Sample Material Optional Class Sample Material
Preschool Grade1 Math Singapore Math
Grade1 (H*) G1-H-TB,WORD-CARD Grade2 Math
Grade2 (H) G2-H-TB Grade3 Math
Grade3 (H) Grade4 Math
Grade4 (H) Grade5 Math
Grade5 (H) Middle School Math
Grade1 (S*) G1-S-TB, G1-S-EB
Grade2 (S) G2-S-TB, G2-S-EB
Grade3 (S) G3-S-TB, G3-S-EB Drawing
Grade4 (S) G4-S-TB, G4-S-EB Kongfu
Grade5 (S) G5-S-TB, G5-S-EB Chinese Culture
Grade6 (S) G6-S-TB, G6-S-EB HSK-汉语水平考试
Grade7 (S)
Grade8 (S) G8-S-TB, G8-S-EB AP Chinese
Grade9 (S) G9-S-TB, G9-S-EB
English Writing 2 Syllabus English Writing 1 Syllabus
Adult Dance(健身舞) Adult Taijiquan
S* - Standard Chinese; H* - Happy Chinese(Textbook: Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids)